San Francisco

When I was in San Francisco (SF), I didn’t wear flowers in my hair (probably you wouldn’t be able to see them in my hair anyway), as Scott Mckenzie suggested in his famous song. However as he indicated, I met some very nice people there, whose friendliness really amazed me. Indeed, I realised that a … More San Francisco

The Milestones!

From the beginning Univeau has been working really hard. We put so much effort and time into working on this project, where Untangled became our precious baby. Now, I would like to take you out on a journey through our milestones. The Pivot After having limitations with the production of our first idea, which was … More The Milestones!

How we met Untangled

I have been sharing posts about Untangled on Facebook and Instagram. But what is Untangled? It is a cardholder adhered to your phone which can carry your Oyster card, where you can wrap your headphones around. It benefits users by facilitating easy access to the card and supports the user by keeping her headphones untangled. … More How we met Untangled

Bright Ideas

The Bright Ideas competition has been a great learning experience, where Univeau did her best and had a good time on the way. We were one of the 7 finalists in the product category, and if we compare this to the 548 applications who entered the Bright Ideas competition, this was already a success.   … More Bright Ideas

The Importance of Play and the Meaning We Give to Creativity

In my blog post ‘The Value of Creativity’, which I’ve written in the first term, I have expressed my thoughts and feelings about the importance of creativity and how it is not valued in the education system. However, on Friday 20th 2017, in our first Conducting Collaborative Creativity (CCC) class of this term I saw … More The Importance of Play and the Meaning We Give to Creativity

The Relief

Since the beginning of our Design-Thinking classes we have been going through different stages of a lean startup. First, we started learning about the lean canvas and different business models, then we looked at how to make a minimum viable product and the process that leads to it, then we had the lecture with Simon Hulme … More The Relief