The Milestones!

From the beginning Univeau has been working really hard. We put so much effort and time into working on this project, where Untangled became our precious baby. Now, I would like to take you out on a journey through our milestones.

The Pivot

After having limitations with the production of our first idea, which was the bag organiser we called Take Me Out, and even though it was liked by many, we pivoted. At least in the future, I can say that I experienced pivoting and how it feels like: It feels like putting some of the efforts into the bin, but at the same time it feels great and exciting to have a fresh beginning knowing that the new product is doable. You can read more about our pivot in Luka’s blog and Nora’s blog.

1st Trade Fair

The initial Trade Fair took place at the Kingston Business school and it was

IMG_1189.jpgmy first selling experience, if we don’t count the lemonade and the cookies we sold together with my cousin and my sister one summer.. (Hey guys!) Anyway, while this selling opportunity was a great way to test our ability to sell through being confident in the product itself and also by believing in ourselves. But it wasn’t only about the product, it was about how we presented everything: we prepared a large poster, made a promotional video to accompany us, made tshirts to look nice and consistent and made business cards. After the trade fair, we took back and made so many improvements (You can read more about the improvements in Lulu’s blog) including the change in our brand name: from Travel Unique to Untangled. You can read more about my experience at the first trade fair here.

Bright Ideas


I can proudly say that we were one of the 7 finalists in the product category representing Untangled, out of 548 applications that were made to enter the Bright Ideas Competition: a competition that Kingston University students from any degree could enter with a new product or a service idea. Even though we didn’t win, it was a great experience for us to pitch a Untangled to judges only in 3 minutes and later on network with industry professionals. You can read more about my experience in the Brights Ideas Finals day, here.

Kingston Town Centre


As the Design-Thinking for Start-ups class, we had the opportunity to sell in the Kingston Town Centre, thanks to the organisation by our course director and module leaders. This time we actually had to sell in a public area, to Kingstoners who would be just walking past by us. The challenge was to get their attention and to get their interest in our product. And we did, we sold a few and we worked really well as a team.

Social Media 














Social Media was always part of our work. We have been posting informative, interesting and fun photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook to get the attention of our audience. Our main promotional material was our advertising video, which you can watch here. You can read more about our Social Media on Lulu’s blog.

Dragons Den


Lastly it was time for Dragons Den.. We had only 6 minutes to present to the judges (a.k.a Dragons).

But we did it! We were all dressed up and all confident and nervous at the same time. We achieved it in just under 6 mins and I’m very proud of my team for nailing it! At the end we answered the questions very well too.


The Report

thumb_IMG_2619_1024 (1)



We submitted the report, which we all put a lot of effort into in terms of context, but especially Lulu who was also in charge of the design 🙂




Celebrate Enterprise Event

Finally, we represented Untangled one last time at the Celebrate Enterprise Event!

by Jorge Valdez





And… That’s a wrap! We have come to an end with our story with Untangled, and I am thankful for all the experiences and learnings I had and the friends I made on the way!







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