How we met Untangled

I have been sharing posts about Untangled on Facebook and Instagram. But what is Untangled?
It is a cardholder adhered to your phone which can carry your Oyster card, where you can wrap your headphones around. It benefits users by facilitating easy access to the card and supports the user by keeping her headphones untangled. Our early adopters are commuter students who use Oystercard and headphones on-the-go. It is lightweight and keeps the Oystercard safe with its features. It also has a wide gap in the middle for it to be machine readable. Last but not least Untangled is recyclable, meaning the products can be transformed into a filament again.
We came up with this idea after each member of the group was fed up with tangled headphones and thought that cardholder would be a practical solution to this. So we tested the idea with potential users and most of them said they liked it. We also did research into the competitors and none of them had a feature for untangling headphones.
The actual product was designed by Lulu and the production took place in Knights Park campus, using the 3D printing machine. We ordered the filaments that would provide the plastic source of Untangled. Also the adhesive was needed so we got that too.

After going to Knights Park so many times and doing some adhering work, Untangled was ready!

This is how we met… Untangled.



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