Bright Ideas

The Bright Ideas competition has been a great learning experience, where Univeau did her best and had a good time on the way. We were one of the 7 finalists in the product category, and if we compare this to the 548 applications who entered the Bright Ideas competition, this was already a success.



On the day, we registered and then waited for some time to pitch our product. Then, our time came…


We got into the room and with an excitement and confidence in our product Untangled and after so many practices, we pitched it to the 6 judges sitting in front of us. After our pitch, they started asking questions and we realised that they weren’t as convinced as we thought they would be. We answered the questions really well and they were impressed by our confidence. Afterwards, when we talked to one of the judges, Paul Soanes the co-founder of Worth Capital, in the networking event, he told us that he really liked our pitch, which was great to hear! We were also interviewed about Untangled and our experience in the competition.



After the networking event we attended the prize ceremony, where guest speakers gave speeches and judges gave the prices to the runners-up and the winners. We didn’t win, but even being there was a great feeling for me. It was like being part of a start-up community, all working passionately for an idea. It was also great hearing the short speeches given by the award winners, where I saw that there were so many great ideas in this competition. The one that won in the Health category, was an idea of an app which would be used in restaurants, where the user can check the menu in the app and see if there is any food that is against her allergy.


I believe innovative ideas like this are moving humanity forward and we should keep on creating, innovating and discovering. In terms of the competition, even though Univeau didn’t win, collaborating with my team and supporting each other, pitching, networking with judges and other finalists were great experiences, so I am glad I got a chance to attend the Bright Ideas competition.



3 thoughts on “Bright Ideas

  1. Ranusum, cok tebrikler, gün geçtikçe daha güzel yazilarin cikiyor. Ne güzel ve icten anlatmissin “bright ideas” yarismasindaki tecrubelerini.
    Cok tebrik ediyor, tatli yanaklarindan opuyorum bir tanem😘

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