Trade Fair and the Most Important Thing

This week we experienced our first Trade Fair, it was at the Business School atrium. We were fully prepared, but in such a short time! But before I explain all the work we’ve done for the Trade Fair, here is what basically happened since December.

We have pivoted, which means that since January, we have been working on a new product.

From a bag organiser, we pivoted to a card holder, which has the same goal: organizing yourself. Our cardholder, Travel Unique is an Oyster/Travelcard holder that you can stick at the back of your phone and headphones can be wrapped around it. Therefore we solve the problems of difficulty in access to the Oyster/Travelcard and tangled headphones. We always had this idea at the back of our heads for some time, getting inspired from our friends and our own experiences and through our observations on public transport. In addition, the cardholder can be easily used on public transport without taking the card out of it, since it has a large opening. However, it is also a very safe product sticking with strong adhesive to the back of the phone and with its features it is not sliding or falling on the floor.

For the Trade Fair we got prepared really well, organised ourselves and divided work as equal as possible.

(Loli, 2017)

From product, packaging, and poster design to tshirts and business cards, we all did our best. We prepared the advertising video to show at the trade fair, did an animation, recorded a film and music for it. After all the time and effort put in, we were ready.

At the Trade Fair, we all introduced our product to people who were interested. To the people who wanted to stay in contact with us, we gave our business cards or they signed up to our mailing list to be up to date. Univeau enjoyed herself a lot. I think we showed great team-working skills. Sometimes 2 of us were at the back of the table and sometimes we were in front talking to guests, sometimes we were going around with our products and getting feedback. We always helped each other out and were respectful to each other. We were understanding and gave each other opportunities to talk to different people.


Carillo (2017)

We sold some products, but we knew that selling wasn’t the most important thing, the most important thing was how we presented our product and the experience we had and the experience of the guests when they were interacting with us. This was how we were evaluated by the judges too. They looked at several things, such as: stand and packaging design, product design and teamwork.


After all this work, it would have been great to win a prize. However, this doesn’t mean all of our efforts went into the rubbish bin. No, we had to learn something from this experience and we did. We learned many things about how we can improve our products and stand. Even though it would have been good to have more feedback from the judges, in general, the Trade Fair was a great experience. Actually, it was a great opportunity to pitch our product to each person who was interested in our product. This was a good practice for the future trade fairs, pitches and also life. Because in life we always pitch things to people, sometimes ourselves (to get a job), sometimes our ideas (when we are in a job), or sometimes we just need to convince people, so we need to explain ourselves in the shortest and the most interesting way.

Loli (2017)

Well, in summary, the 1st Trade Fair was a great experience where we interacted with so many people, learned a lot, sold a bit, and had a lot of fun. I’m proud of Univeau and I am happy to see that all of the groups did so well too. I am ready for the new experiences to come!



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