From Ideation to the Turkish Style Secret Santa

Since my last post on November 26th, a lot has happened. So I’ll try to condense all of these experiences into one blog post. Since then, Univeau has prototyped her product two times, has successfully submitted the Bright Ideas Application and the Feasibility Study for Design-Thinking class, practiced for the pitch for a mock Dragons Den, done a great job at the Dragon’s Den on Friday, 9th December. All of this led to a fun celebration at the student bar at Kingston Hill, where a Turkish Style Secret Santa took place.

In terms of our product, since the beginning, we have been searching for a really creative and a simple one, however it has been very challenging to do these. We had narrowed our ideas into two and at the end, one was an umbrella, which would be re-designed to fit small hand bags and would be more lightweight compared to a normal umbrella. The problem with this product was that it was difficult to manufacture, since manufacturing the plastic part where you would hold the umbrella would consist of an expensive process. Therefore, we decided to continue with our second idea, which was a bag organiser. This product would be the innovated version of the existing ones in the market. It would be luxurious, would have leather parts in black, and it would be secure (with a mechanism that would attach to the interior of the bag).

After our decision as the bag organiser, we first went out and talked to people. We asked our family and friends and also people we didn’t know. We observed many women who took long time searching for their items. As three women in our group, we also had our problems, which we shared: when we changed from one bag to another we would forget items in our previous bag. After our ethnographic observation and interviews, we prototyped. We used really simple materials like paper and cardboard and we saw how different our products would look like if we had manufactured them individually. Prototyping also helped us to talk about the common and different features. After being sure of the features of our product, the next step was to submit the Bright Ideas Application Form, which is a competition where groups or individuals with a new or an innovative idea would compete. We also submitted the form as a formative assignment as the Feasibility Study.


Now, it was time to get ready for Dragon’s Den on Friday, 9th December. While we were talking about our pitch and what to include in it, we were also looking for ways to manufacture Take Me Out. We were challenged by the high prices offered by various providers in Kingston, however we kept on searching. During the week before Dragon’s Den, we finalised the pitch and practiced presenting. We were getting there…



Then, the day of Dragon’s Den arrived. It actually went by so fast, but these were the 4 learnings that I believe our group took home:

1) Don’t forget presenting an elevator pitch explaining the product and its benefits in 1 or 2 sentences.

2) Narrow the target market as much as possible.

3) Introduce the product as soon as possible, so that the audience and especially the judges don’t get lost.

4) Be careful with the pricing. It shouldn’t be so cheap nor really expensive.

by Fernando Trueba (2016)

Overall, our presentation had positive reviews by our classmates and the judges, since it had a bit of humour as well. However, I think it wasn’t as convincing as we thought it would be. We already had some difficulties like how we would manufacture our product. So, we made a life-changing decision, which I will talk about in the next blog. Oh, not to forget, Secret Santa was quite a success! It was really fun to hang out with the MACE people and celebrate the effort that has been put in! Good vibes 🙂

Before I end this blog, I would like to thank everybody who took part on this day, from the organisers to the judges. It was a successful event!


On this note, I end this blog. Until then, keep creating and being awesome!




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